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Temporal Angles

by Tellef Øgrim

Temporal 03:42
R 02:44
TALK TO ME 05:06
Store Lyngö 03:02
N 03:04


Nine parts for solo guitar - 2022

when I cannot fall asleep I sometimes start counting down from 50
one decreasing number after another
timed by the rhythm of my breath

sometimes I cannot focus on the counting
my mind wanders
getting lost in thoughts at 47, I grab a book or start listening to a lecture
about why early humanoids stood up on their feet

I can fall asleep from hearing that bipedalism could have made it easier for them to reach fruits on branches high up
or further out on the branches above
or that it made them better hunters on the ground

so the counting works only occasionally
these days it makes me wake up and get out of bed

I went down to the basement and turned everything up very loud
it made my notes last longer
the feeling of being in a car crash in slow motion
time went and another note came

then I turned everything off and recorded an improvisation on the dry guitar
everything turned hectically percussive, frantic and jazzy
like I had drunk two litres of coffee
or the dream where I had to go onstage but could not find the things I needed to play
driving to search in other places, down a steep gravel road to a farm by a lake
I got stuck there when the car would not drive up again
I must get to the gig, but where are all my things, why am I running around without trousers on


released November 11, 2022

©90.032 Records




Tellef Øgrim Oslo, Norway

Guitarist (fretted/ unfretted) and composer Tellef Øgrim of Oslo, Norway explores the esoteric expressionism of jazz and beyond.

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